Talking about the new Devil May Cry game.

There’s a whole lot of shit talking being done about this game. But seriously, a real issue I’ve had with DMC in the past, is that it’s usually pretty easy to playthrough and knock out the story mode in a day.

Okay, the first game was brutal, there was no rhyme or reason to their puzzles, the enemies frequently bitch slapped you into oblivion. And that was the only difficult setting…

Dante was overpowered, high strung, and had a hell of an itchy trigger finger.

Okay, Dante’s really young now, not nearly as experienced, yet somehow capable of bringing down baddies that by all rights should be a SHIT TON harder to fight than the  demon’s running through DMC one.

Come on… I like Nero as a character, and I’m glad he’s not related to Dante, he had sweet moves, and even though it was frustrating not being able to collect new weapons for the primary protagonist, I got over it.

DMC Reboot…
For all the shit that Four got, not having Dante be the primary character, I thought it turned out to be a good game. I’m 24, TWENTY-FOUR, I was born the late eighties bitches. And I’m telling you, I’m okay with the new design for Dante, black hair does not immediately make him Emo. I have black hair, a lot of people have black hair, it’s a thing these days. So get off your high horse, stand on your own to legs, and give the game a real fighting chance to prove to you whether it deserves a chance or not, stop shooting it down before it can even spread its wings and jump off the ledge.


Originality is Overrated

So recently a few people I’ve considered to be pretty original have revealed to me that they used to do other things than what they do now. For example, a friend of mine (Renamed for privacy reasons) Michael, has told me that he used to be a hipster until it became all mainstream, and then another friend (also renamed) Carla revealed she used to dress like a gangster but decided to be gothic for the same reasons.

So I began thinking about this, and I came up with a conclusion. That Michael and Carla, both people I once thought of as pretty unique people, are not unique at all. They’re making an active attempt to be set apart from the crowd. That’s not unique at all, it’s called peacocking, and I don’t like it. I wish people would realize the best way to be individual is to wear what you like, and want to wear, when you want to wear it. If you like  dressing up like a dinosaur, then dress like a dinosaur, it you like wearing all black, then wear all black, and if you want to listen to rap music, then listen to rap music.

Don’t let society dictate how you reinvent yourself based on how many people are doing what you do. Don’t start hating Rap just because, “It became all mainstream, they fucking sold out!” You know who really sold out? You, for turning your back on something you used to enjoy just because other people started enjoying it too.
If you started disliking something because they genuinely changed, then don’t be immature, people change, and they’re allowed to, maybe you should take a cue and change yourself for the better. At least stop ragging on whoever changed and just move on with your life.

But seriously, It’s frustrating to see how many people are trying to set themselves apart, it’s like knowing a hundred people who are attention seeking college girls or frat boys, who’re willing to put anything inside their mouth, jump on top of anything, or do anything really, just for a few minutes of pseudo fame.

What you should take away from this, is be yourself. Because yourself is the best you can be. Don’t try to be the best person that person you really like, can be, try to be the best person that you can be.
Well… This message has been brought you by a rare period of time where I could sleep, and had a dream that I was Tony Robbins. (I wrote down his/mine speech to the self conscious masses)Image

Take a note from Jane, he’s not afraid to wear his goofy hat. No matter how many times I tell him I think it’s stupid. THAT’S originality!

The truth hurts worse than anything I could do to you

Recently my life has been described as “A fucking horror story unraveling each and every day!”…

I can’t help but wonder what the people who know about my history think of me. There was the cocaine addiction that I beat, the alcoholism that I know about, but just don’t give enough of a fuck to stop drinking entirely (I’ve cut down to a bottle per week, y’know? Make my whiskey last a little longer) and all the other bloody, gorey, fucked up shit I’ve done in my life.

This has been a horror story since day one, people have stated they’re beginning to “noticing the warning signs”
Well frankly, the warning signs have been there for as long as I can remember, it’s not my fault nobody noticed. I’ve been crazy for a long fucking time, I just stopped caring who knows…


I’ve been goin…

I’ve been going through some rough stuff lately, broke my arm, I’ve been exhausted. Things have been coming up, personal things, that are absorbing so much of my concentration that it’s difficult to function properly, so I’ve not been updating as much as I should, I apologize for that. I recently caught a hog and cooked him, he was delicious, my uncles friend has a shit ton crawling all over his ranch, so we’re setting up traps tomorrow morning. I also bought new shocks for my truck, and I need to change them out along with the oil and oil filter on saturday. I’m not looking forward to it. On top of all of that, I’m possibly getting a new job, I know of a place that’s hiring, they pay better, and have sweeter benefits, but If I go over there, then I won’t be able to go on my vacation as planned. I think I’m gonna go for it.

The Search is OVER!

You know for a long time, I’d been looking for Self Respect, like it were hidden and kidnapped like Caley Anthony and plastered across milk jugs the world over, but I think someone found it, someone found self respect, and just like some fucked up charred bones that nobody could recognize. They found Self Respect, and it’s alive and well, and currently as far as I know in her custody, she seems like she’ll take real good care of it, and I’m glad that Self Respect found someone to keep a hold of it as good as this gal seems to.


Yeah, I feel real good about leaving her in charge of Self Respect.

Ceh-leh-brate good times, C’mon!

So… I dunno why, but today I’m in a really good mood, I shouldn’t be. By all standards of my normal day, I should feel like shit, I woke up late, thought I wasn’t going to get to work on time, clocked in early by mistake, found out that there’s only one patient so the nights gonna be super boring, and I’m working with a nurse who is just babbling about some pointless nonsense on a personal call (Which I don’t mind professionally speaking, I just wish she’d take it somewhere I didn’t have to hear her talking) and the one patient I do have today has been going nuts all night, running up and down the hallway, wandering into rooms that aren’t her own, swatting, hitting, kicking, and generally trying to hurt me while she cries for her (Probably deceased) mother, and a baby that’s probably already a grown ass woman who put her here in this geriatric psych  ward. So as you see, this is a shit day, by all past exxamples I should be moping around thinking about punching small animals and children to make me feel less shitty, but instead I’m smiling, I’m feeling really good, and things feel like they’re going better than ever, I don’t know what to think about that, but I’m really liking the way I feel right now. It’s such a good feeling, I wish I could feel this way all the time, and now I’m thinking, why don’t I? Why don’t I feel this way all the time? There are people who feel like this twenty four hours a day seven days a week, they’re constantly bubbly, they’re smiling, content, and they feel good, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like this all on my own, and I love it so much.

I’ve decided, from now on, I’m just going to feel like this. I’m not going to let all the set backs keep me from being happy, I’m going to believe in myself, believe in god, believe in general that the days past, the days where I spent my time coked up and drunk off my ass, hating everyone and everything, getting pissed off at every little thing, are behind me. I’m going to believe that from here on out, no matter what life throws at me, I’m gonna feel good about my life, because I deserve that, I deserve to feel so much better than I have in the past. I’m like my grandparents right now, I’m in a much better place than I’ve ever been in before!

The Ultimate Showdown (Jurassic Edition)


The raptors stare each other down, this has been a long time coming, only will rule the pack, and that will be decided here and now. The Beta shrieks in fury as he begins his assault against a hunter he’d considered superior until today, on this day he will become the ruler of his pack, he just wishes his arms weren’t so damn tiny…

Seeing this pic makes me think of Raptors acting like wolves, and instead of just actually battling it out, they were like, “Lets just have a slap fight instead of using our deadly killing toe talons, flesh ripping fans, and bone crushing jowls… Yeah, that sounds like a plan…”

Haha, it still makes me laugh though!!!