Talking about the new Devil May Cry game.

There’s a whole lot of shit talking being done about this game. But seriously, a real issue I’ve had with DMC in the past, is that it’s usually pretty easy to playthrough and knock out the story mode in a day.

Okay, the first game was brutal, there was no rhyme or reason to their puzzles, the enemies frequently bitch slapped you into oblivion. And that was the only difficult setting…

Dante was overpowered, high strung, and had a hell of an itchy trigger finger.

Okay, Dante’s really young now, not nearly as experienced, yet somehow capable of bringing down baddies that by all rights should be a SHIT TON harder to fight than the  demon’s running through DMC one.

Come on… I like Nero as a character, and I’m glad he’s not related to Dante, he had sweet moves, and even though it was frustrating not being able to collect new weapons for the primary protagonist, I got over it.

DMC Reboot…
For all the shit that Four got, not having Dante be the primary character, I thought it turned out to be a good game. I’m 24, TWENTY-FOUR, I was born the late eighties bitches. And I’m telling you, I’m okay with the new design for Dante, black hair does not immediately make him Emo. I have black hair, a lot of people have black hair, it’s a thing these days. So get off your high horse, stand on your own to legs, and give the game a real fighting chance to prove to you whether it deserves a chance or not, stop shooting it down before it can even spread its wings and jump off the ledge.


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