I’ve been goin…

I’ve been going through some rough stuff lately, broke my arm, I’ve been exhausted. Things have been coming up, personal things, that are absorbing so much of my concentration that it’s difficult to function properly, so I’ve not been updating as much as I should, I apologize for that. I recently caught a hog and cooked him, he was delicious, my uncles friend has a shit ton crawling all over his ranch, so we’re setting up traps tomorrow morning. I also bought new shocks for my truck, and I need to change them out along with the oil and oil filter on saturday. I’m not looking forward to it. On top of all of that, I’m possibly getting a new job, I know of a place that’s hiring, they pay better, and have sweeter benefits, but If I go over there, then I won’t be able to go on my vacation as planned. I think I’m gonna go for it.


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