Lets talk about… Family…

I’ve been ignoring my blogging duties, and for that I’m sorry, but as of recent my step dad is out of the hospital. He’s using a walker, his leg’s a little swollen, but all in all I think he’s fine. My mother disagrees. This is a 54 year old man who had 3 surgeries in 5 days, came out of each one and then asked to borrow my laptop to do online paperwork for his bank, pay bills, and a bunch of other stuff. A man who’d rather be working immediately after surgery rather than sit still and be babysat. So when my mom asked me to keep an eye on him, I said sure, and then I sat in a room and  played Fallout New Vegas while he watched a dvd in his room. If he needed anything beyond his means, he shouted out for some assistance. My sister and mom however seem to believe that he’s suddenly crippled and can’t do anything on his own at all without stressing over every little thing.

I’m not going to say all women are stupid, but the ones who are, are being stupid because they’re being unnecessarily emotional, and extremely over dramatic. My mother, and sister are being those things. Jesse tries to pick up his grandson, my sister freaks out along with my mom, “You can’t carry him, you’re hurt!” I just want to tell my mom, “Bitch! stop freaking out, his legs injured, not his fucking arms! As long as he’s sitting down while he plays with Noah, where’s the harm?” But instead I deal with my mom bitching at me in cooperation with my sister about why having me at the house with him is so awful, well then stop inviting me over bitch! This is exactly why I’m moving almost a thousand miles away as soon as I can! That’s almost not even a figure of speech either, I plan on moving to Nashville, which is 916 miles away from here! My sister tried to talk me out of it using the very same argument, “It’s almost a thousand miles away, we’d never be able to see you…” Well that’s one of it’s many attractions!

A long story short, My family asked me to help them out with stuff they wanted done, and then got mad because I didn’t do it, “Right” Obviously they’ve never heard that saying about when you want something done your way, then do it yourself.


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