I’m certain it…

I’m certain it’s a vast improvement over how I feel now. My bones are aching, especially the ones with steel rods in them, and it’s almost making me want to cry, but I’m dealing with it.
Sort of…
This is extremely embarrassing, since I just told my girlfriend a few weeks ago, “Baby, I don’t get sick!” as she was concerned for my health, and now here I am fucking pitiful, struggling out of bed, to go to work and shit like that. It sucks so much more than I could ever adequately describe, and now that this gloomy piece of information is over and done with it’s come to my attention that some of you out there are loyal and regular visitors. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much, and I appreciate every viewer I get, but I anticipate a couple weeks of progressively getting worse before I kick my way through this sick cocoon and feel fine.

For now, consider Night Time Day Dreamer on standby mode until further notice.Image


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