Happy Birthday to all!

I very frequently express my distaste for social interaction with people I don’t know, but for the people I do know very well, I like to do things that make them happy. For example, on their birthday’s instead of giving them a generic, “Happy Birthday!” and blasting a confetti popper in their face, I like to give them a variation that they’ll enjoy, appreciate and understand. Occasionally though, I find myself drawing a blank on what they’ll consider a great birthday wish, and I’m forced to take a chance with something that I’ll find funny, but might not be to them. Today I took a pretty big risk, with an extremely obscure reference, “It is your Birthday.” 

One sentence, one calm, placid, droll, and dull sentence stating ones birth anniversary. Not even an exclamation mark, because I’m just stating a fact. I was concerned this might go over his head, because even though he’s a big office fan, it’s a very small part in the series, with a lot of memorable moments that are so much more amusing, but this piece of comical bronze (It’s not even the second best I could’ve come up with) seems to have struck paydirt with the friend in question.
I’m already drunk at this point, but if I weren’t already drinking, I’d be raising a glass of whiskey in self satisfaction.


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