Statistical Data

So I was digging through the internet looking at random statistics, why? Because I’m insane!
And I was thinking to myself, “Who comes up with these?” I get that some of these statistics are performed as as scientific experiment, where fluctuating data is taken into account, and a consistent amount of people are brought in, and consistent findings are discovered, but some of these statistics are so insane. For example, “20% of shark attacks occur to swimmers!” That’s kind of a low number don’t you think? I mean, the argument could be made that there’s a larger percentage in there of shark attacks which occur to surfer’s, but I mean don’t the surfers have to swim out there on their boards to get their asses chomped by Jaw’s? It just seems stupid to me, I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I just want to stop seeing ridiculous statistics on the internet like, “1 in 5 people are Chinese!” I have a really strong urge to snap the groin of the idiot who offers up a statistic to further their own argument FOR statistics too. I’m just getting that out there right now.


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