Here’s the thing… I’m a pretty heavy drinker, but I’m realizing some things get me fucked up really fast, and really ninja like. For example, tequila has no middle ground for me, when I drink it I’m either completely sober, or waking up with a busted lip, and small animal corpses in my pockets. Beer, just doesn’t do it for me, unless… it’s mixed with liquor. Scotch, is fine as long as I don’t mix it. Same with vodka, and whiskey, I can drink for hours and be rock solid. But wine… I never really drank wine, the first kind I tried was white wine, and it sort of jaded me with it’s completely undesirable taste. Tonight however, which is about noon for me since I work night shift’s, I decided to drink some of the red wine my Uncle Travie has in the fridge (since I have no other alcoholic bevrages), and it’s really delicious, and really strong. I’m aware that I’m drunk, and it’s messed me up pretty good, but in true alcoholic fashion, I don’t intend to stop drinking.


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