I’m at work right now, there’s one patient, and twelve hours of not a goddamn thing to do… I’m so fucking bored… The nurse I’m working with is amiable enough, she’s a nice person, a great person to work for, but she provides nothing in the way of conversation. Which normally I appreciate, but tonight, I’m finding it really boring, because I’m the kind of guy who likes to sit there and be silent, but I like background noise. The kind of background noise that is generally produced from the chitter chatter of people mumbling to them selves, or a general meaningless conversation between two people that kills time like a terminator. Instead what I got is a gal who sits there playing solitaire all night and just responding with the bare minimum effort of a lackluster conversation. Because when there’s no background noise, I have to generate my own background noise. I was hoping it wouldn’t come to me getting on my laptop since I hate using it at work before midnight, but here we are… Blogging at 9:35 pm August 26th, 2012. I’m being specific about the time because I’ve noticed the web’s clock program is ahead by a few hours, I’m guessing it’s based in Europe or something. Anyway, like I was saying, I’m extremely bored, listening to slow country music right now, this is normally my drinking music, but fuck it.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I’d talk about Tom Hanks “Electric City” it’s a web series that I recently came across, thus far I’ve only seen episodes one through three, and they’re all really short, like five minutes an episode, I know there are twenty in all. From what I can tell from the narration, it’s about a city that’s somewhat of a Utopia, everyone lives in perfect peace and harmony. There’s free energy, food is distributed equally, and instead of prisons people who violate rules are instead given a work quota in which they generate electricity for the city for an allotted amount of time, but there’s a dark side to the city as well. People who use more electricity than they’re allowed are considered criminals, and though they’re often ignored there’s a task force of people expected to kill anyone who doesn’t meet the requisites of a functioning member of society. Who decides what constitutes a functioning member of society? I don’t know yet, but I’m excited to find out. If you want to give it a look just go to YouTube and search for “Electric City: Truth and Consequences” for the first episode. Or you can go to the Yahoo website where all the episodes are hosted. But the Yahoo website is kinda difficult to load since there’s a lot of interactive material on it.

Electric City


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