This ones for the Girlfriend!

Excuse the poor quality of the photo, but I was going through my phone pics, and found this super adorable one of my Girlfriend. I told her I planned on posting this on my blog, but she requested her name remain anonymous, she doesn’t want any stalkers, so I just couldn’t help but post it. A lot of people say she’s really difficult to make smile, but I don’t get it. She’s almost only smiling whenever we’re talking with each other. I’m really taken with this gal, I’m really glad we’re together, and for the record, I’m still not a big fan of how much make up she wears, because I think she looks best without it, but she’s still an amazing gal even with all the black eye shadow, heavy lipstick and yadda yadda whatever else she puts on her face. I think I’m kind of gushing here, I’m gonna stop now. Time to play Resident Evil 4 😀


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