So I’m working tonight

It’s a night shift, from 6:45 pm to 6:45 am, however, the majority of the dayshift are inconsiderate assholes who probably won’t show up until 7:15-7:30 am, which I don’t mind except I normally get to work around 6:30 pm. So lets go over that once more, I’ll be going to work, fifteen minutes early, and my co-workers will be somewhere between thirty and forty-five minutes late. That means I’m working almost an extra hour. I have four of these scheduled shifts in the following consecutive day’s. So four by twelve makes forty-eight hours. Add on another four hours to that for the inconsiderate assholes who work with me, and that’s fifty-two hours at a base pay of eight dollars and ninety cents. twelve hours of which however, will be time and a half. Who can figure out how much I’m making this week and next?

Now if you’re actually bothering to figure this out, you’re working too! Misery loves company.


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