It’s been a while

I haven’t been updating as regularly as I was when I started, it’s not because I’m ignoring my blog. It’s because I’ve been destroying some Resident Evil 4. Downloaded the HD version for my PS3, and have been working towards getting my old weapon set. Right now I’m rocking a striker, broken butterfly, semi-auto rifle, all of which are fully upgraded, and I traded in my fully upgraded blacktail for the Mathilda. Also finally remembering how fucking stupid it is trying to beat mercenaries with Leon, and his stupid fucking riot gun/ pistol combo. Everybody else gets some attack or weapon that makes it a little easier to control the boss ganado’s, but Leon gets a stupid weapon set, and his only melee attack prompts are kick and suplex. Last time I checked kicking a person waving a giant chainsaw was a bad idea, likewise as far as attempting wrestling moves goes.

I am still really impressed with the replay value of this game though, been playing for approximately 4 days now, not including pause breaks.


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