Sh*t just got real!


The world of Poke`mon can get downright depressing when you start to think about things from a realistic childs point of view. I mean, think about it, Red’s dad is always at the poke` gym battling trainers all day and night, his mom is always alone, nd just sitting in the living room trying to occupy her time. And talking about nonsense she see’s on tv just because she never goes out, or has any real topics of conversation. Red does pretty much what takes most people a lifetime in a matter of a few months of poke` time. He’s always traveling, sleeping wherever he can, never making any friends who don’t want to beat the shit out of his pokemon, and never really talks to or see’s his parents unless he’s going to fight his dad, or mooch off of mom. Fucking depressing… And this is like a ten to twelve year old kid… I don’t envy his life at all.


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