So I was surfing netflix while at the hospital. I found this really cool series called Alpha’s, it’s sort of like a version of X-men with a more believable story behind the abilities. The writers come up with logical methods in which these abilities are created and affected. This seemed at first kind of a cop out, a spin off of the Heroes series, X-men, and Push. Just another in a long line of metahuman abilities, but it’s really proving itself to be a cut above some of these shows and movies I’ve seen before.  I, for one, am hooked on this series. It’s amazing some of the abilities I’ve seen displayed here, things you wouldn’t even consider a super ability until you see it in action. For example one of the protagonists has hyper kinesis, the ability to perfectly coordinate the hand’s with eyes, which basically makes him a perfect athlete when he’s focused. Another is capable of heightening any one of her senses by blocking off the other four, say she needs to read a sign five miles away, she can do it only if she stops hearing, smelling, feeling, or tasting anything. One of the villains I’ve seen is capable of setting off an electromagneticpulse by discharging a vast amount of static electricity that his body accumulates, the desired effect thus far being shorting out any electrical equipment in a one mile radius.

I can’t stress how good this series is, if you’ve got a free moment and decide to see what’s on netflix, check out this show. Theres only one season so far, but I do know that Sci-fi (Sy Fy if you’re an asshole), has been airing a new season for some time now, it just hasn’t made it’s way to netflix.



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