Well how ’bout that shit!



found this gem safely nestled away in the archives of the world wide web, but it struck a chord. Being that the first girl I ever decided I loved cheated on me and she gave me the same shit excuse, I couldn’t help but put some commentary on this.

What were you confused about bitch? Did you see his dick and think it was my lips, so you just thought you’d give it a little kiss? Was there a point where you thought the world had been rewritten and suddenly he was your boyfriend? No? I didn’t think so bitch.

I hate being that guy who bags on his ex girlfriend, especially one I really did care about consistently throughout highschool. This is making me really frustrated seeing this since I know there are some people who do this though. Seriously, we need, we all need (Men and Women alike), to be accountable for our actions regardless of how “Confused” we get. It should be as simple as “If you’ve cheated, are cheating on, or plan to cheat on your significant other, you’re an asshole.”


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